Somehow I always end up taking photos of balls..

Here’s a little kick off post for the Adam-Straub golf tournament here in Fernandina Beach, FL. Today was a practice round of 9 holes… I don’t know anything about the golfs, but I was pretty content taking pictures and being driven around some beautiful landscape.

Also I got to spend the day with these dapper men, so I’ll say today was a giant win. WHERE DA GATORS AT?




 With love,



Doing it for the arts

My staycation is quickly coming to an end. Trying to mentally prepare for getting back to that airport life. The last few days I have been frantically painting to smooth jazz (shout out to my boy Bill Withers). And while I have a huge appreciation for abstract art, it’s definitely not my usual style of painting. But lately I’ve been feeling extra…poetic, so I decided to give it the ole college try. Didn’t post photos of all the paintings since my brother said one of them reminded him of “burning hemorrhoids on fire literally”. But this one below reminds him of cool different colored SNES game cartridges which I can appreciate.



**disclaimer** My least favorite word in the English dictionary is shown below. While I really dislike the word, a friend of mine who was recently diagnosed with cancer asked me to embroider this beanie. Slowly learning how to hand embroider to pass time on those endless red eye flights. Can get a little prickly during turbulence.

The blue painting just has some cool texture because I wanted to see what would happen if I added coconut oil to it. Pretty much exactly what anyone would imagine, which is that it’s nothing at all exciting.



Happy Monday folks. I spent like $40 at Michael’s on more paint so, shit’s about to get real tonight.

Aging gracefully

2 of my favorite places to visit are a hard tie between Las Vegas and Disneyland. I guess because in both places you can get away with not acting your own age. Bae got us a fancy room at the Cosmopolitan which has definitely been on the bucket list. Favorite slot machine? Willy Wonka. Have I ever won anything on it? No, but it’s got some great music and it feels like a video game.

This trip was cool because I played some black or red roulette and made $30. Thanks Fremont St. for not having expensive minimum bets.

We also went to my favorite buffet in the entire world at Cesar’s Palace. Hellloooo unlimited crab! Made some new friends, Drank some whiskey, didn’t have a hangover. I’d say it was a giant success.





IMG_3262 (1)

Also didn’t mean for that photo to be poster sized, but look at that view!

And the following photos aren’t fancy camera photos, but they make me happy. Perks of being a flight attendant is that all your best friends swap into long vegas layovers and come celebrate with you. WHILE ALSO GETTING PAID! Thanks babes for making it out and staying out all night.

Also had to add that little photo for our breakfast at EggSlut because we waited in like for 2 hours for it, and it was worth it.

Where can I get some damn bait?

This cutie took me to Las Vegas for my 26th birthday. We woke up at 5, drove to the Hoover Dam and grabbed an early breakfast at the Southwest Diner (which btw I highly recommend). Neither of us were expecting it to be as cool as it was. Can’t believe it took 26 years for me to make it out here, being a Cali native and all. Also hooray for my first time in Arizona!





Team no sleep and the sun is in our eyes. BUT DAMMIT WE WILL TAKE PHOTOS!








For Grandma

In Japan, the crane is believed to live for 1,000 years. The bird is highly respected and believed to bring prosperity, good luck and happiness.

There lives a story about a 2 year old girl named Sadako, who survived a bomb attack in Heroshima. As Sadako got older she was diagnosed with Lukemia, an effect from the bomb. She created a goal to fold 1,000 paper cranes, a goal she believed would bring her peace. She passed at age 12, however her legacy and story of the paper cranes live on.

My brother and have created these cranes (plus more to come) for our grandma who has MSA. We love you so much grandma. May our cranes bring you peace and remind you of the abundance of  love that surrounds you.






“I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world” -Sadako Sasaki

Stealing my heart again and again

I took some vacation time to be home. Funny how that works..Flight Attendants taking vacations to be home. It’s been so wonderful just to cook dinner, have a normal sleep schedule and be able to spend time with family.  On Saturday I was able to watch Luke play some baseball. Go A’s! Gotta admit, this was the first time I actually payed attention to a baseball game and enjoyed it. Proud of these kids, and feel so lucky to have been able to watch them grow into little people. Family is somethin’ else, I tell ya.  With all that said, SPRING HAS SPRUNG. Enjoying these rays, and excited for all that is to come this season.