For Grandma

In Japan, the crane is believed to live for 1,000 years. The bird is highly respected and believed to bring prosperity, good luck and happiness.

There lives a story about a 2 year old girl named Sadako, who survived a bomb attack in Heroshima. As Sadako got older she was diagnosed with Lukemia, an effect from the bomb. She created a goal to fold 1,000 paper cranes, a goal she believed would bring her peace. She passed at age 12, however her legacy and story of the paper cranes live on.

My brother and have created these cranes (plus more to come) for our grandma who has MSA. We love you so much grandma. May our cranes bring you peace and remind you of the abundance of  love that surrounds you.






“I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world” -Sadako Sasaki


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