Aging gracefully

2 of my favorite places to visit are a hard tie between Las Vegas and Disneyland. I guess because in both places you can get away with not acting your own age. Bae got us a fancy room at the Cosmopolitan which has definitely been on the bucket list. Favorite slot machine? Willy Wonka. Have I ever won anything on it? No, but it’s got some great music and it feels like a video game.

This trip was cool because I played some black or red roulette and made $30. Thanks Fremont St. for not having expensive minimum bets.

We also went to my favorite buffet in the entire world at Cesar’s Palace. Hellloooo unlimited crab! Made some new friends, Drank some whiskey, didn’t have a hangover. I’d say it was a giant success.





IMG_3262 (1)

Also didn’t mean for that photo to be poster sized, but look at that view!

And the following photos aren’t fancy camera photos, but they make me happy. Perks of being a flight attendant is that all your best friends swap into long vegas layovers and come celebrate with you. WHILE ALSO GETTING PAID! Thanks babes for making it out and staying out all night.

Also had to add that little photo for our breakfast at EggSlut because we waited in like for 2 hours for it, and it was worth it.


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