Running around the Happiest Place on Earth!

Last weekend I did the Tinkerbell half marathon.  It was amazing. And painful. I got sick right before the race so the little training I had done pretty much hadn’t helped me. Also the night before, Caten and I stayed at the park until closing and were basically too excited to sleep. So, running (literally) on no sleep and a cold was quite the experience.  I hated everything at mile 6, but my friend Ashley was performing at mile 7, so that give me a little push. And then mile 10 I got a little bit of a boost because I realized I only had 3 more miles. Except then after mile 11 I realized 3 miles still felt far. Last mile and my legs felt like pinocchio. Then when the finish line was in sight it took everything in me not to start crying because of how happy I was. 2 years ago my new years resolution was to run a half marathon. It may have taken me a little longer, but I’m super proud to have accomplished this goal.

This was 100% one of my favorite Disneyland trips. Surrounded by family and friends, my heart felt so full. Why did it have to go by so fast? When can I go back, and why the F  is it so expensive?!

Since the race I have been eager to sign up for more races. However,  I did some damage to my ankles doing the half. Stayed off my feet for a couple days and the pain had almost healed completely, so I ran the last 2 days but the pain is back. Both ankles now, and worse than ever! Thinking of buying some Kinsiology tape and seeing if that helps? Anyone have this problem have any tips? It’s hard enough to find motivation to run, and now that I have it my body isn’t letting me! Grrr the frustration!

Here are some photos from the trip. I was glad I managed to get out the Cannon during all the festivities. I had fun playing with shutter speed during the parade. But I think my favorite photos are the last 2. Anywho, back to work for me today. Happy Sunday! See you soon Denver!

























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