Sleepless in Seattle

There are certain things you just do in Seattle. You visit the Public Market, you grab a crappy cup of coffee at the very first Starbucks, you see some fish flying in the air and you buy some fresh flowers. Maybe you stop at a juice kiosk and regrettably try a grass shot…Oh! You also have to buy a new book in the Lamplight Bookstore that you’ll probably never read from the self help/inspirational section.

I was lucky enough to have a layover with the Rhodes sisters who were working with me for this 3 day trip. Thanks Barbara and Mary for making this work week feel like a mini vacation. Don’t think I ever stop laughing around those girls. The theme of this trip was “Lets drink as much coffee as we can and see what happens”.

This also must have been the first time the people of Seattle saw sun because there were lots of people in the street with their eyes closed basking in small patches of sun. It was weird. Seattle is weird, lots of crazies walking around downtown. Which normally I try to stay away from but, somehow Seattle makes it charming.

To anyone else who is planning a visit: *ahem* my cousin Christine: I recommend riding the giant Ferris Wheel because it’s even funner (and cheaper) than you’d imagine. Obviously you have to see the space needle. And if you run out of things to see (which is pretty hard to do), the aquarium is cute.






^The place that throws fish!





Caught Mario cheating on Luigi







Thanks to Mary for being my personal photographer for awhile!

And what the heck would Seattle be without Biscuit Bitch? Best place for breakfast! And they have amaaaazing coffee.

Cheers friends!


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