Pumpkin Spice and Eerie reads



Want a balloon

I am one of those basic B’s who starts to prepare for Halloween at the end of August even though we have been in some freak heat wave for the last week. Nonetheless, I think this post is useful for my book worms out there *Ahem Madison*. Or my flight attendant friends who are bored of staring at the wall on red eyes (no hate, sometimes wall staring is the only thing keeping me awake).

The following books have been rated by yours truly as my top 5 for the season:

  1. The Winter People
  2. Find Her
  3. In a dark , dark wood (just one wood)
  4. Big Little Lies
  5. Horns

I tried to put these books in order of favorite, but to be honest the first 3 books were probably a complete tie (Shout out to Kimber for her amazing recommendations). Feel free to comment and add to my list of thrillers, mysteries and suspense themes. Nothing better than crawling into bed at some haunted hotel in Dallas, while reading a book that will be sure to give me nightmares on minimum rest. Keep calm, read on and purple bath bombs for everyone! Cheers to Fall.